We deliver better recruiting outcomes
Our commitment to research yields comprehensive market mapping
We outperform multiple recruiter strategies

At PRG, we use proactive research protocols to reveal the entire talent pool for any function in any given sector. Too often other service providers will earn quick success fees by skimming the top of the talent pool and relying on passive search techniques such as advertisements, internet postings, job boards and social networking sites.  This yields a random assortment of talent in the marketplace largely because the “right talent” is either working or not responding to postings. 

Using multiple recruiters to fill the same job opening usually hurts a recruiting initiative rather than helps it.  How?  Contingency firms typically place an ad and network.  Anyone can do that.  And they target active candidates and carpet-bomb the market with weak messages that send inappropriate, confusing signals.  Thus, great candidates are generally passed over because they are turned off to the message and/or don’t get a complete story of the company, its mission and culture. 

When we work with hiring managers we bring high definition clarity to both the desired personal attributes and the professional outcomes. Once we’ve defined success in a role, we then deploy a 4-stage process:

  1. Developing job descriptions that remove ambiguity and magnetize the attention of otherwise disinterested candidates. 

  2. Using aggressive research techniques to map out and pin-point the top 5% of the talent pool.  

  3. Customizing a Qualification Matrix that's used as a deep-dive screening tool to ensure the best possible job-to-candidate fit. 

  4. A score card to facilitate the selection process.

Our market intelligence adds immeasurable value

Our research provides an inside view of the competition's staffing structure that could otherwise only be obtained through internal sources.  This better positions our clients to recalibrate their own staffing and business initiatives.

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