Imagine having a best-in-class executive recruiter who is dedicated to discreetly helping you land your next big opportunity that actualizes your career ambitions.  Built upon our reputation for transitioning candidates into new roles for nearly 20 years, we work with a select roster of executives to harvest the very best opportunities that are aligned with your skills and career aspirations. Our clients have included captains of Wall Street, Lawyers, Engineers, C-suite executives, and numerous other professionals.  We also help parents get their “kids off the payroll” as they enter the workforce. 


We Find Great Opportunities By:

  • Curating the best possible position in a desired company and/or sector

  • Tailoring your profile to magnetize the interest of potential employers

  • Engaging hiring managers to think strategically and be open minded about their staffing needs

  • Optimizing your communication and interviewing skills to illuminate your professional value 

  • Negotiating the best possible compensation package


Why Use PRG?

As a talented professional, just like professional athletes and entertainers, you’re better off having an intermediary to help you to find and negotiate a highly desired opportunity.  The benefits to you are:

  • You don’t have to carve out time to harvest these opportunities on your own

  • Hiring managers are often put off by receiving calls from unsolicited candidates

  • You don’t want to risk having your current employer find out that you’re in the market 


What Does This Process Involve?

We work closely with you to compose the following:

  • We agree upon a short list of opportunities

  • An “eye brow” raising profile that gets the attention of a highly targeted hiring manager

  • We build a qualification matrix for you, when necessary, to closely align your value and skills to a specific opportunity

  • We coordinate all meetings, negotiate your compensation, and work with you to ensure that you’re properly onboarded


What Does it Cost?

  • Nothing!  All fees are paid by the employer who hires you.

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