Pinpointing the Cream of the Crop Below the CXO Level

PRG saved the day when we were trying to fill an executive-level finance position. For 12 months, we had one of the largest executive search firms on retainer, but weren’t seeing any quality candidates. Then I turned to PRG and in less than six weeks received the names and backgrounds of 20 leading subject matter experts. PRG took the guesswork out of the search and placed control in our hands. Then we collaborated on recruiting our top three picks and hired a fabulous candidate. Our CFO thought I was a hero—but the credit goes to PRG.

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Fortune 50 Finance company

PRG is known for building teams that fuel clients’ competitive advantage by “finding the unfindable and recruiting the unrecruitable”. We've made global heads of human resources for CITI, GE, CIT and others look like superstars by closing critical searches in 1-6 weeks. Many of these open positions had been languishing with brand name search firms for 6-12 months. Client engagements include: 

The “A” List of C Level Talent

Just as our division was experiencing rapid growth we lost a key executive, a critical function that had to be filled immediately with the “perfect” candidate. We by-passed contingency recruiters and brought in PRG. They performed an environmental scan of all our competitors’ executive ranks to illuminate the best available talent. PRG had the tools, perseverance and persuasive skills to identify, contact and attract a large selection of qualified choices. We ultimately hired a remarkable executive who has immeasurably enriched our division.

The Recruiter’s Recruiter

Very simply, PRG bailed us out. Our assignment was to recruit the industry’s best sales talent for a major client, so we targeted three of the client’s competitors, trying to contact the top sales performers. The problem was, these were all private companies where the entire staff was trained to keep employee names confidential. Then our client gave us one more week and that’s when we called PRG. Within a day, they provided an accurate list of each targeted competitor’s salespeople, as well as an organizational chart of mid- to senior-level management. Thanks to a small investment in PRG, we retained a valued client and were richly rewarded for “our” success.

Answering the Call for Call Center Candidates

Six months!  That’s how much time we wasted on recruiters and internet ads when we needed to hire four highly specialized call center employees.  But just when the task seemed impossible, PRG showed us how possible it was.  By making the process less random, PRG pin-pointed 160 of our competitions’ employees, all with the skills we were looking for.  With this powerful list we were able to fill our four openings in less than two weeks—at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional recruiter.

Building Sales Leaders with Better Leads

We were pushing our account executives to meet higher sales goals and they were begging us for better leads.  We could see that list services and trade ads were wasting their time and misdirecting their efforts.  Then we got the best lead of all, PRG.  Before we knew it, they provided us with an accurate, up-to-date snapshot of highly desirable prospects that we had never been able to access before.  As a result, we increased sales productivity beyond our expectations—and, even sweeter, our investment in PRG was far less than the cost of a trade ad.

President, ($1.5 billion division)
Fortune 100 Company

MRI Recruiting Franchise 

Senior Vice President, Sales

Manufacturing Company

Vice President, Human Resources

Middle Market Service Company


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