PRG’s founder, Ira Ziff, is the ultimate hunter.  By leveraging an extraordinary ability to pin-point an entire talent pool and extract passive candidates, Ira is a “go-to” recruiter for many leading Fortune 500 companies (after various failed searches conducted

by national, brand name firms).  Through Ira’s clever and tenacious strategies, PRG’s clients gain unprecedented global access to the broadest assortment of top candidates.

There is an almost universal reliance on generic job descriptions that are too often focused on WHAT an employee does and HOW they do it.  This leads to ATS’ serving up too many generic, misaligned candidates that require unnecessary staff time to sift through, and candidate pools that underwhelm hiring managers.  This also likely supports why 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions and unclear performance objectives (source: Harvard Business School).


The antidote to this process is a proprietary tool that Ira developed and utilizes to guide hiring managers to better define the outcomes/KPIs required for a particular role, and the competencies and attributes that drive them.  Helping hiring managers achieve hi-definition clarity on what a top performer truly looks like is how he built his reputation for attracting, aligning and recruiting exceptional candidates.


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